Creativity In a Time of Crisis

Many thanks to CARAVAN Arts for the honor of featuring my artwork in their newest project, "Creativity in a Time of Crisis" which invites CARAVAN artists to answer three questions about how they are responding during Covid 19. I have enjoyed reading many artist perspectives and I invite you to LIKE and follow CARAVAN Arts so that you can learn about artists who are persevering thoughtfully during Covid 19.  

For those that are new to my website, in 2014, I participated in CARAVAN Arts event "AMEN, A PRAYER FOR THE WORLD" which invited artists to create painted works on three figure poses in fiberglass (The HUFF POST). This traveling exhibition was installed in a series of three back to back exhibitions beginning at The Cairo Opera House in Egypt, The National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., and concluded at St. John the Divine Cathedral in NYC.

“CREATIVITY IN A TIME OF CRISIS” features many artist perspectives on creating through this pandemic of COVID 19. Let's keep positive creative responses to crisis going strong!