Announcing my Solo Exhibition "Rural America, East to West" August 6-7, 2022

Rural America,  East and West “ is a compilation of works on paper representing my charcoal drawings of Washington’s iconic Palouse undulating landscapes, forest passages,  and regional works in color pencil exploring rural Maryland. I regularly traveled West for many years to Washington State to research a unique place formed by nature and agriculture and to immerse myself in the grain world.  After thousands of field observations, I developed an admiration for farmers, agrarian fortitude, and rural environs.  My landscapes explore graphic elements of design using contrast, line, texture, light, and presently, color.  

Since 2020, I limited my travels westward because of the pandemic and began a new explorative journey in color pencils alongside my charcoal works.  From my perspective as a cancer caregiver and an artist, I created a new series of small colorful drawings in the symbolic shapes of portholes and squares representing fleeting windows of time in regional rural settings during a health crisis.  Embracing my immediate surroundings, working on a smaller scale, and drawing from the sacredness of many ephemeral moments close to home, I worked toward creating a sense of peace and place within the artful viewpoint found in the every day."

Art is in every day.

If you are in the area, please visit the exhibition. I'd be honored.

Thank you heart